Help us keep more of our gaming funds: Member action needed

Emails and letters to MLA Rick Glumac requested

The following message quotes portions of a letter on behalf of Veronica Brown, BC/Yukon Command Executive Director.

Dear Comrades,

Last August we asked members to send letters to their local MLA’s for support in a request to keep a larger percentage of gaming funds.

We gained a lot of support and momentum with that letter writing campaign and we received indications that our request was going to be considered.  Then the election was called, focus was shifted and we seemed to be lost in the shuffle.

We are encouraging our members to reach out to their MLAs once again to ask for support for our initiative to help branches keep a larger percentage of their gaming funds to ensure their sustainability now and in the future.

You are encouraged to send your letter by mail or drop it off at the constituency office as hard copies seem to capture more attention.  If you are unable to send hard copies please do email, the important thing is to have your voice heard.


Veronica Brown

How you can help your Branch

Command and your Branch have done the heavy lifting to make this effort as easy as possible for you.

Simply download this already-written letter; all you need to do is add your name at the salutation at the bottom.

Deliver the letter by doing one of the following:

  • Drop this letter off at Rick Glumac’s office at 2708 St. Johns St. Port Moody
  • Or, mail this letter to Rick Glumac’s office at: 2708 St. Johns St. Port Moody, BC V3H 2B7
  • Or, email this letter to Rick Glumac’s office at

We thank you in advance for the support you can provide.