Executive Election Update

Nominations closed; new Executive Committee acclaimed

Updated November 18, 2021

Port Moody Legion Branch 119 Members are advised that the Branch’s Nomination Committee has successfully received and compiled the nominations for Executive Committee candidates for the upcoming Executive election.  The Nomination Committee is now ready to report their summary and make their recommendations.

All positions received nominations, and all positions received multiple nominations from multiple Members.  Moreover, all accepted nominations were unanimous; said another way, in all positions only a single (different) person was successfully nominated for any one of the positions.  Since only one individual has been nominated for each of any of the positions, each of the nominees would effectively run “uncontested” in the upcoming election.  Per the Legion’s bylaws, this means that each of the nominees are automatically acclaimed into their nominated roles.

Here is the exhaustive list of nominees and respective roles:

  • President:                    Brenda Millar (acclaimed)
  • 1st Vice President:       Michelle Caskie (acclaimed)
  • 2nd Vice President:      Shawn McLaughlin (acclaimed) 
  • Treasurer:                    Karen Van Guilder (acclaimed)
  • Secretary: Billie Helps (acclaimed)
  • Membership: Loretta Rodrigues (acclaimed)
  • Members at Large:
    • Colin Kyashko (acclaimed)
    • Linda Giene (acclaimed)
    • Dilawar Rashid (acclaimed)
    • Jackie McCambridge (acclaimed)
    • Lynda MacLeod (acclaimed)

Since each of the roles is uncontested, and since all of the roles are automatically acclaimed, an election is no longer necessary.  That being the case, the November 23 election will not be held.

In the coming months the nominees listed above will be formally sworn-in and activated in their roles.  The new Executive Committee looks forward to its mandate, as well as its goal to represent the Branch and its Members.

Finally, sincere thanks to the members of the Nomination Committee for their effort during this process.