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Contact us should you want to donate to Branch 119 of the Canadian Legion.

Monetary Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated by Legion119. (non-receiptable)

Our Legion sponsors many groups and worthwhile organizations. That sponsorship comes from monies made in the Gaming and Poppy Funds through membership participation and community involvement. Provincial regulations dictate that we cannot access any of that money for the Lounge Dining and Bar operations. These operations must be self-sufficient. Do note that we operate on a very lean budget without any frivolous expenditures.

With that in mind we are looking for support from the Community we serve. We are looking to businesses and citizens to sponsor some of these improvement expenditures. Below is our wish list of items that we currently need and hope to implement over the coming months and year.

Please assist us if you can or if you know of some person or business that might be able to donate toward these costs.

Our Wish List

  • a new POS system to better handle the large dining room and bar thus allowing for better efficiency and faster service
  • moderate kitchen renovations to better handle Catering / Banquet needs – and thus increase the profitability of those areas
  • storage shelving to better utilize our storage spaces – thus allowing for easier access to a finite number of areas and to improve our ability to stay organized and maintain inventory controls.