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Legion Youth Remembrance Contest

The annual Poster and Literary contest is open to all students in the BC/Yukon Command. Students, Teachers, Parents – Check out this video and then go to our Contest page for more details.

NFL Sundays – you could win a Beer Fridge!


Week 6, October 18 – Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

Week 7, October 25 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Las Vegas Raiders

Week 8, November 1 – Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

Reveal Party Sept 16 – Whoops – It’s Private!

Club 119 is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays currently – but nothing is stopping you from arranging a group Gathering on one of those days!

That’s what one group did. On Wednesday, Sept 16 – Club 119 is hosting a Reveal Party with Frankie Cena (photo on left) who is a contestant in a new Netflix show called “Sing On”. (Host, Tituss Burgess, is shown above). The first episode will air on Wednesday, Sept 16th with the family having booked Legion Club 119 for this private event. So even though you can’t attend this party – you can plan your own special gathering as long as you abide by the following Covid Regulations. Read on….

COVID Regulations for Group Gatherings:

An owner or operator of a place may permit up to fifty patrons to attend an event in a place if the following conditions are met:

a. There is an organizer of the event;

b. If the organizer is not the owner or operator of the place the organizer must provide the owner or operator with the first and last names and telephone number, or email address,of the patrons who attend the event;

c. Access to the event is controlled;

d. The number of patrons is closely monitored;

e. There is sufficient space available to permit the patrons to maintain a distance of two metres from one another;

f. The patrons maintain a distance of two metres from one another when standing or sitting, unless they belong to the same party;

g. If there are tables provided for the use of patrons, no more than six patrons sit at a table, even if they belong to the same party, and there are at least two metres between the backs of the chairs at one table and the backs of the chairs at another table, unless the chairs are separated by a physical barrier;

h. If live performance is provided, or there is a presenter or a presider, a physical barrier must be installed between the performer, presenter or presider and the patrons which blocks the transmission of droplets from the performer, presenter or presider, or there must be at least a three meter separation between the performer, presenter or the presider and the patrons.

Should you want to book such a gathering or get more specifics – Email your request to Do remember – with fall and winter holidays coming (Christmas gatherings are not that far away!) don’t miss your chance to book your group’s event. Note: Minimum booking requirements in effect.

Get in the draw for this Canucks Jersey

Be the one to win this jersey!

Rules of the Draw:

  • Watch any of the games of this Round between the Vancouver Canucks and the Vegas Golden Knights at Club #119 (on the Big screen!)
  • For each period you attend these games at our Legion – you will get a ticket (a chance to win the jersey!). The more periods you see or games you watch with us – the more chances to win.
  • At the end of the Round between Vegas and Canucks – the winning ticket will be drawn for the Jersey. Could be you! (Winning ticket must be produced at time of Draw to win).