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The Legion 119 is open during this process

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July 16, 2019
All Members
Branch 119 Port Moody
2529 Clarke Street
Port Moody, BC V3H 0J2

One of the most important functions of BC Yukon Command is to support and develop the operational excellence of our branches. We foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, and above all transparency.

Your branch has been experiencing operational issues which have been reviewed and now must be addressed- therefore as per our authority under Article 505 of The General Bylaws, your branch is being placed under Trusteeship effective immediately.

Additionally, pursuant to Article 505 of The General By-Laws, I am exercising the powers granted under Article 418.a and suspending the powers and by-laws of Branch 119 Port Moody. I am also suspending the powers of the elected Executive and all members holding appointments, with the exception of the branch Service Officer. These suspensions shall take effect immediately.

Also pursuant to Article 505 of The General By-laws, I am exercising the powers granted under Article 419.a and appointing Peter Salmon, President of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 179 Grandview/Collingwood, and Dave Fletcher, Past President of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 263 City of Coquitlam, as the Trustees to act in the name of and on behalf of your branch.

The Trustees have all powers with respect to the management of your branch, effective immediately. The Trustees will manage branch operations, and will not need to seek ratification from the general membership.

The Trustees may choose to set-up a Branch Management Committee. If so, they will work with the membership to determine those who may be appropriate as part of an interim Management Committee. The selection of individual appointments will be solely at the discretion of the appointed Trustees.

The ongoing irregularities in the branch operations and not adhering to the by-laws led to this trusteeship being put into place. My instruction to the Trustees and to Branch Advisory is to further investigate the irregularities of this branch, work to secure the branch’s assets, conduct a major review of controls and accounting procedures and ensure the branch operates according to the by-laws.

I am hopeful that – as a valued member of Branch 119 Port Moody – you will consider participating in any way you can, to help return your branch to stability. If you are willing to help as a volunteer, or would like to be considered for the management committee, I encourage you to attend an information meeting that is open to all members of the branch who are in good standing.

A Special Membership meeting will proceed immediately after the SGM which was scheduled for Sunday, July the 21st, 2019. The participation of the general membership is the most important factor in your branch’s success.

Your branch can have a strong future, continuing the history of serving Veteran’s and their families. BC/Yukon Command is committed to getting this branch back on track. It is my hope that in time, the trustees will be able to recommend that your branch, under the direction of a strong leadership team, be returned to the membership.


Glenn Hodge
President, BC/Yukon Command
The Royal Canadian Legion