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Our New Website LOOK – take a tour….

Take a look around the Legion Branch 119 (Port Moody) website — see what’s new and what is changing. As things re-open, Legion 119 will feature more special events and activities for all of our Port Moody Legion members and visitors. We hope you find the new look and site structure simple to navigate. The top menu will show you all your options.

Visit Legion 119 regularly to get site and activities updates as we grow, renew, and include more events. Plans encompass music presentations and other live entertainment, restaurant specials, and other holiday and special events.

The goal of this website is to keep members up-to-date with Club119 events and Club News in as simple a way as possible. Also to encourage guests to visit our site to both grow our membership and to keep our community apprised of what we do and offer.

Any suggestions regarding this website – send to